Astra Zeneca
Internal branding and communications to raise the profile of the IS (Information Services) division of Astra Zeneca and the global programmes it was delivering worldwide.
The brand architecture aimed to create a distinctive portfolio of interrelated global solutions, Quattro ( Global CRM Programme), Apex (Planning Programme) and Amazon (Business Intelligence Programme). All had their own unique personality, whilst retaining a consistent visual vocabulary of shape colour and typography.

Astra Zeneca ISMO IS- Internal Communications
A series of internal newsletters for AstraZeneca ISMO IS. Designed to inform, engage and inspire the internal employees, as well as reflect the dynamism and success of the particular division to the wider organisation. The solution was a great success, raising awareness and engagement within the organisation – the newsletters highlighted examples of best practise, gave programme updates and celebrated achievements.

Astra Zeneca ISMO IS- Quattro Internal Communications
Internal branding for Quattro, a Global CRM Programme roll-out. The four coloured circles represented four core areas of the business

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