Dansac UK
Dansac is one of the World's leading  company that develops, manufactures and markets innovative ostomy care products globally, supporting people with a stoma, clinicians, and caregivers. 

Dansac Soft Convex- Direct Mail
The campaign was launched with a 'teaser' mailer that was sent to stoma nurses to highlight the fact that Dansac had listened to nurse and patient feedback and addressed the 'hole' in their product range.

Dansac Stoma Siting Training App
Stoma siting can be particularly challenging in patients with unusual body shapes and getting it wrong can result in costly readmissions for corrective surgery. We created an interactive Stoma Siting App to support the education of stoma nurses and help improve the accuracy of stoma siting. The App featured a range of ‘non standard’ body shapes and enabled nurses to suggest the correct siting for the stoma based on various body shapes. Results were captured in a scoreboard format, if a wrong siting was made, the nurse would be advised on the correct siting and the reasons why explained. This fun, interactive learning tool, was used in Educational Workshops on huge touch screens, promoting lively debate and discussion, but most importantly educating and ultimately improving  patient outcomes and reducing readmissions.

Dansac UK Ltd- Patient Recovery Pack
The Dansac Patient Trainer was created to help enhance the recovery of ostomy patients. A kit, featuring a realistic imitation stoma, was designed that allowed patients to familiarise themselves, pre-operation, with the realities of wearing and changing a stoma pouch. It allowed them to do this in the comfort of there own home, freeing up valuable time for nurses both pre and post operation. The pack is often a patients first introduction to Dansac and therefore a crucial brand experience. The patients preparing patients for challenges to come, are treated more as customers and the packaging reflects more of a retail led experience than the often unsophisticated and crudely packaged medical device packaging. The pack received overwhelmingly positive responses from both patients and stoma nurses alike.

Dansac UK Ltd - NovaLife Product Launch
Pop-up Direct Mailer, part of a creative campaign for NovaLife product launch. ’The Alice Effect’ concept was based on the fact that the new flagship stoma pouch was smaller (for added discretion) but had a larger capacity than the previous pouch.
The Alice in Wonderland theme was the perfect analogy for the new product launch. 

Dansac UK
TeleHomecare - Naming and brand identity for a Dansac telephone patient support service for ostomists.

Dansac UK- MyPen3
Naming and brand identity for an innovative digital pen solution, supporting stoma nurses in the community and connecting them directly to the NHS’s secure N3 network.

Dansac Support Materials
I design  a range of product brochures, printed and digital versions to launch new Dansac products and services to the UK Market, aimed at both stoma nurses (key influencers in advising patients) and ostomists themselves.
Dansac UK Ltd- Direct Mail Campaign
Dansac identified that a senior group of it’s customer base were still using an old stoma pouch, despite being informed of the significant benefits of the new improved version of the product. This impactful direct mail series used gentle humour and attention grabbing visuals to grab audience attention, highlight the benefits and engage them enough to request free samples of the newer version. The direct mail was a huge success with a 12%  response rate to trial the new product.

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