Animated 50 Year Celebration Video
Appleyard & Trew commissioned us to create an animated timeline to mark their 50 years in business milestone.
The business began in 1969, which coincided with another famous 50 year milestone the same year, which made an appropriate starting point for the journey. The video told a brief history of the company, with a friendly tone of voice that reflects the companies values. It was used as a focal point for celebrations, played at events, shared on social media and shared internally across offices.
Appleyard & Trew 50 Year Timeline Illustration by Finan Creative Consultancy
Website design and production
We designed a new website for Appleyard & Trew, featuring case studies. Built in Wordpress.
Appleyard & Trew Tender Document Design by Finan Creative Consultancy
Tenders & Proposals
Tenders are a critical part of winning new business and clear, professional, presentation matters. We created a distinctive and consistent tender and cost proposal design that is used across all tenders. Key features are quickly highlighted via a series of icons.

Series of Linked In brand awareness social posts. A distinctive visual style was created, using the ampersand device as an instantly recognisable distinctive asset and visual device.

Newsletter- Design of a Quarterley Newsletter

Illustration- Office Wall Art
Large Scale Illustration of Plymouth Skyline for the South West Office, featuring iconic landmarks, bringing to life the 'Working to Make the Sustainable, Attainable' brand positioning.
Invitations- Design of a Quarterley Newsletter

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