LineClenze Environmental Technologies

LineClenze maximise customers' profit through innovative sustainable cleaning technologies that are utilises across multiple industries including breweries, wineries, soft drinks and dairy. We created a new LineClenze's umbrella brand and portfolio of EcoZenze product brands to reflect a unified, modern, intelligent and relevant brand with a purpose.

LineClenze Environmental Technologies- Branding/ logo design
Water droplet at the core with the central circle representing planet earth, the white starburst represents innovation. The water droplet is made up of an 'L' and 'C' (representing Line Clenze). The tilting 'C' and green circle above forms a head and arms, symbolising the people behind the 'Eureka Moment's of innovation and discovery.

Branding for EcoZenze, an innovative, biodegradable beer line cleaning powder system that out-performs caustic soda and other alkaline cleaners, saves money and is gentler on the planet. 
The droplet/leaf symbol icon conveys the environmentally friendly, sustainable benefits of the brand.

EcoZenze-System 28
LineClenze's EcoZenze System 28 is a non caustic, biodegradable beer line cleaning system that is much gentler on the planet and not harmful to humans, animals or marine life. The logo symbol  visually reflects the innovative two-part system, the biodegradable, non-caustic cleaning powder and the outer electromagnetic field, that inhibits yeast growth and build up in the beer lines.

EcoZenze-Protect 180
EcoZenze Protect 180 Protect is designed to keep beer lines clean that are to be left unused for up to 180 days. Part of a family of EcoZenze products, that works closely alongside System 28. The logo symbol  visually reflects the system, the active biodegradable, non-caustic cleaning powder and the outer device emphasises it is working effectively around the clock. The logo device was the central element on the packaging.

LineClenze's EcoZenze Veritas is an innovative alternative to caustic cleaners for wineries. A  highly effective, biodegradable solution that is not harmful to the planet or marine life.  The pH7-8 nature of EcoZenze Veritas means that waste water is much easier to recycle for uses such as irrigation. The central whales tail with the halo above forms the shape of a wine glass, representing the non harmful effect of the product on marine life, whilst the water ripples and arrow represent  the recyclable benefits of Veritas.

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